Young Living Essential Oils is Proud to Partner with Parelli on the 2015 Horse & Soul Tour!!

Young Living Essential Oils is proud to partner with Parelli on the 2015 Horse & Soul Tour in providing pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils for both horse and rider. We are pioneering the use of Young Living essential oils to treat common horse ailments such as Rain Rot, Laminitis, Hoof Absess, Lyme Disease, Colic, EPM, Melanoma and more. Perhaps most important we are using the oils to foster a stronger, deeper and more personal connection between you and your horse.

Come say hello to Rebecca at the Young Living booth on the 2014 Horse and Soul Tour or order your Young Living Essential Oils directly through the Parelli webstore here!

For specific questions on caring for you and your horse naturally using essential oils, contact us online or at (540) 300-7380 for a free consultation today!